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Jim Leahy

General partner and founder of Professional Business Solutions, Jim began as a career agent in the financial field, accumulating a vast, hands-on knowledge of the financial and insurance industry during the successful ten years that followed. In 1990, Jim shifted his focus to employee benefits specifically and founded Professional Benefits Services, Inc., now Professional Business Solutions. Jim has ensured that the business has never lost its family-owned status, understanding the value of maintaining close-knit relationships with clients on a personal level.



Tara Leahy

Tara joined the family business in 1998 and has found her niche in a dynamic industry. Acting as a Co-partner and HR specialist, Tara finds great enjoyment in meeting new people and getting involved with their businesses and employees. She works one-on-one with employers, strategizing to find the appropriate services and products and assisting in the implementation of the whole package. Tara manages all aspects of the accounts, handling renewals and bids, holding employee meetings, facilitating claims resolutions, etc.


For over 25 years, Professional Business Solutions has been recognized for its professionalism, integrity, and commitment to the quality and implementation of our services. We recognize that true value is ultimately measured by the loyalty and satisfaction of the businesses we serve, which is why we are proud to provide references to potential clients and to answer any inquiries they may have about what Professional Business Solutions can do for them.

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